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For the year 2018, Bihar Government has issued notification announcing the vacancies in various positions throughout multiple state departments including Judiciary, Banking, Police and others. Each of this exam has their own selection process and application criteria. These positions are available for both men and women, freshers and experienced candidates with educational qualification ranging from minimum 10th pass to higher fields of study. Aspirants can choose the profile that matches their qualification and suits the interest better.

In order to get selected for these jobs, aspirants are required to go through stages competitive exams as thousands of other applies for those few positions. Each of these exams is different from each other as they cover different subjects and pattern of questions. While preparing a candidate often gets confused in these simple fundamentals which can impact their performance to a great degree. To solve this very problem and help out the aspirants in their path we have come up with a series of online mock test exams and practice sets specifically designed for each individual exam keeping in consideration of the syllabus and question patterns.

This online preparation module includes mock tests for practice tests for Bihar PCS J, Bihar Bank Exam mock test, Bihar Police Exam along with multiple other Bihar State exams. Candidates can choose to attempt free online practice tests also.

Providing the tests online has its own added benefits also. Here candidates can check the solution to the mock tests instantly and compare them for reference easily. And solving the practice sets makes gives the candidate a sense of the real exam and prepare them for a better result.

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