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The Jharkhand government has been publishing notification for online examinations to fill up vacancies across various departments including, Railways, Banking, Judiciary, Police and multiple other state jobs. And it’s a wonderful opportunity for any aspirant to attempt these exams and go for an adventure and satisfying career they dream of.

Constituted under the provision of the Article 315 of the Constitution of India by the Governor of Jharkhand, the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) is dedicatedly serving the state by providing it with the most deserving candidates for the most illustrious of jobs. This is one of the prime reason why each JPSC exam attracts thousands of applications for just a few hundred jobs, whether it be JPSC Judicial exam or an exam for the post of general manager.

As JPSC keep updating their website with all the recent jobs opportunities in the state of Jharkhand, a candidate might find it difficult to keep up with the all the notification. That’s why aspirants are advised to follow and check the official website of JPSC, https://www.jpsc.gov.in/ regularly.

You can check out the website and choose the exam that suits your profile, educational experience, and interest, and apply for that.


Applying for the exam is just the start of the journey as we all are aware; the JPSC recruitment exam is also tough nuts to crack. But, you don’t have to worry if you want to crack the exam as we are here with all our experienced professionals to guide you through the each and every step.

We provide the best online mock test for Jharkhand state competitive exams there is to offer. Our dedicated and experienced scholars follow every development of these exams and designs online test with the latest syllabus.

These online tests are also structured in the form of the actual exam you are attempting so that you can get a real experience of the exam. This will help you to manage and divide your time for better results and eventually succeed in the exam.

Apart from the mentioned features, the mock test has another added benefit they are available online all the time so that you can attempt them anytime you want. And not only that attempting a test online also can give you real-time answers to your doubt and help you save time as well as access yourself better.


The most amazing and unbelievable think about this online test for Jharkhand state exam is they are also available free. You can attempt free online mock test for Jharkhand state exam on our portal.

So, if you are someone who aspires to live a proud and glorious life and see that life in the any of the job Jharkhand government has to offer, just go for it and we are here to guide and help every step of the way with our online mock test series.

Best of luck.
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