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IBPS Clerk Examination Success Story: Aadhya Rai

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It is with great joy and proud we are bringing you the names our successful students, who by their hard work and mybookswala.in’s support passed all the stages of IBPS Clerk examination 2017.

Here at mybookswala.in students, aspirants and candidates all are trying and thriving for UPSA, IBPS, SBI, NABARD and many other competitive and recruitment examinations with the constant and unmatched support of our question banks, mock tests, and eBooks.

Let’s meet one such name in many, Aadhya Rai, who cracked IBPS Clerk examinations 2017 with her will and our guidance.

Here is an interview with Aadhya Rai conducted by one of our team members at mybookswala.in

Q. I)   Your brief introduction?
A.   I am from Madhya Pradesh. We are a small family of 4, my parents and a younger sister. Currently, I am posted in Bihar.

Q. II)   Why did you choose this career?
A.   It was because I am very passionate about this field. There is something in this job that has always attracted me to it and I really and strongly feel that we all should pursue the careers we are passionate about.

Q. III)   How did you Approach the exam? Tell us about your secret mantra to success?
A.   Right after my graduation, I started my preparation and joined a coaching institute for the same. But, I realized that those classes weren’t adding any value to my goal. So, I left the institute and started to study on my own. Success mantra is, you have to practice a lot with the test papers. I used to solve test papers quite regularly.

Q. IV)   What was your time management strategy during the exam? Which section do you think one should attempt first?
A.   Managing time is one of the hardest parts of the preparation and I remember I used to practice with both offline and online mock tests. I divided equal time for both and in the morning I use to attempt offline test question and during the night I practiced with the online materials. As these exams are very tight and you can’t waste a single second. So, from very early on I started solving questions with a set timer and that helped me a lot. Mainly in the subjects with numerical problems. Practice and time management are the key things to crack the exam and I followed it.

Q. V)   Offline study or Online, what do you prefer?
A.   I think both are fine on their own but if you ask me I would choose online over the offline study. Because, while preparing online you can get an accurate assessment of your methods and answers instantly. Studying offline don’t have that benefit and over online you can find various mock tests related to the subject easily.

Q. VI)   How important do you think the mock test is for the competitive exam?
A.   Mock tests are very crucial and they give you a very accurate idea of these exams and helps you a great deal.

Q. VII)   Did you face any challenge while preparing for (EXAM NAME) and how did you overcome it?
A. Yes, in fact, I faced many such challenges. I was doing a part-time job to support my financial need and it becomes very difficult to concentrate on the study while doing a job. It took me a long time to adjust to it and now I am here.

Q. VIII)   Any advice for fellow aspirant and dreamers out there trying?
A.   To them I would like to say, it’s a digital age and the internet is a great place. Practice online as much as you can, solve the mock tests, read the study material and revise as much as possible.

“We are glad to be the mentor of many achievers like Aadhya Rai who has cracked the IBPS Clerk Exam this year.”

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